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This is where Literacies readers shared their literacy wisdom until July 31, 2008. We had a great time. Please feel free to explore and comment and continue to add floats.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Welcome to the Literacy Wisdom Forum
Join the reflective practice / literacy wisdom parade!

Help us celebrate what can happen when literacy workers find the time and space to reflect, research and network about practice.

In Focused on Practice, the first national study of research in practice in Canada, *practitioners ... spoke of the use of technology as a way to link, energize and provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and sharing innovative solutions.

Technology such as an open blog?

And *many practitioners believe they use research skills 'on the fly' all the time in order to be effective teachers.

We believe that too. We know that everyday, in literacy programs all over the country (world), literacy workers are asking questions, are trying out new activities and processes, are reflecting on their experiments, are coming to conclusions and then questioning those conclusions to start the cycle over again.

What do you do when you come to something in your literacy work that is puzzling or problematic? How do you work to solve the puzzle? How does the process of research, experimentation and reflection enhance your practice?

How are we using our research skills on the fly? What happens?
Create your own float. We are waiting along the route. There will be cheering!

We will start the parade on May 16th, the International Day for Sharing Stories, and continue on through the summer of 2008.

*from Literacies #8, page 27

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Quality Learning NB said...

Yikes! Another great literacies blog-discussion starting on the 16th, and I'm going into the deep woods for 3 days... I'll have to comment / post like crazy to catch-up come Tuesday - LOL